Thursday, March 10, 2011


I'm feeling a little nostalgic today... maybe it's all the rain, what dreary day. But whatever the reason, I thought I'd take a quick trip down memory lane to see all my original babies :)

1. Morgan
She was like my very own live cabbage patch doll! (Although thankfully without the awkward, overly-large forehead, and yarn hair). I definitely got the best of both worlds with Morgan-- she wasn't my sister, so we didn't have to fight (though we did some :), but we were close enough to relate. Hard to believe that this little cutie will be graduating from college in... what was last count? 72 days?

2. Mac
Mac would have been the perfect antagonist for this story, but he was just too darn sweet-- though he did ruin a few perfectly good outdoor pretend weddings with his red motorized jeep... beep! beep! Heard he got a pretty sweet hit at his recent college baseball game. Congrats! Miss you buddy!

3. Andrew

Andrew was the source of my spending money for quite a few summers. By the time he came along, I was apparently old enough to be trusted with a baby. He probably doesn't remember this, but our favorite spot was the hammock on the barn's screened porch. He just got his learner's permit... oh my! Look out ladies!

4. Keaton

Keaton was my own little man for a whole summer! And what a summer it was. We took a lot of walks and sang along with a lot of old school Whitney Houston... and boy could he dance! He turned one year old that summer, and never looked back. He's come a long way from "Mommy! Handball! Mommy!" Now he's almost in high school... sigh....

5. Kole
Kolie! What a sweet little boy :) And those dimples! He could rule the world with just those dimples! Kole loved (and still loves) to read... if it had words, he wanted you to read it to him. I especially enjoyed this because I love children's books... and there's nothing better than a baby, with their baby smell sitting in your lap letting you read to them:)  I hear Kole has become quite the saxophonist! So move over Kenny G. -- it's time for some new blood!

6. Wilson
Until recently, Wilson was the baby of the family. But I think he was okay relinquishing that job to Levi... and Levi-- I'm sure Wil has lots of valuable tips! He's the only one of these babies I remember liking to do laundry. We'd go to each room, and make a big pile... and then he'd jump in it! I hear Wil is now making his way into adolescence and is really making a special place for himself... not that any of us doubted that he would. Wilson's birth was the only one at which I was present... and I have to say that I hope my future childbearing is as easy as my sister Lori made it look!

Here's a few oldies... but goodies (I just couldn't resist!)

And on a side note, I think Mia knows about the you know whos. She's been trying to soak up as much attention as possible recently... sorry Mia!


  1. What a sweet post! I don't think I have ever seen that picture of us. I love you :)
    PS You are a little behind because Keaton is already in high school ;) They grow up so fast....

  2. I too love this walk down memory lane. And so many memories to come!!