Tuesday, September 6, 2011

35 Hours and Counting...

Apologies for the long time since my last update. Time just seems to be flying away! For those of you who don't know yet, we have a set date for an induction: September 8th! So if the boys don't decide to make their own appearance within the next 35 hours, then the docs have decided it's time anyway :) Tomorrow will make 38 weeks! Looking back, I don't think we thought we'd make it this far, since everyone told us we'd probably not make it past 34-36 weeks. So we're happy. 

Lots has happened since the last update of course. First, we had another baby shower! Yay! We had some friends from law school and work join us as a last celebration. My two amazing friends went all out to make it a Mother Goose theme... who knew Mother Goose was so out of vogue? Well never fear, I'm sure after this party, everyone will be wanting a Mother Goose themed baby shower :)
A cake made from scratch! Very impressive!
Look how cute Humpty is! He's ready to party!
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We got so much nice stuff!

And the boys will definitely be well dressed!

And of course the boys wanted to make a grand entrance by a parade of natural disasters in the weeks before their arrival. First, the earthquake.... Ok, so it wasn't the biggest deal, but still pretty cool in hindsight. And then the "hurricane." I'm pretty sure that if our lights had gone out the boys would have found this the perfect entrance... but luckily it was mild. I'm also sure that if Nish was writing this blog, he'd make some joke about his mother-in-law arriving on a broomstick during the hurricane winds. So let's just be glad that he's not the one writing it. My mom did decide to come up a few days early just to make sure the storm didn't delay her. So for the week before our delivery we've spent lots of time making curtains, plumbing, shopping, re-decorating, cleaning out closets and cooking. Lots of nesting activities :) I'm willing to rent her out by the hour if anyone's interested in some redecorating... but I'm warning you that she's not cheap!

Nishka has been doing some nesting himself. His NRC friends will be glad to know that he cleaned out his car! Yay! At least now we'll be able to find the boys if they ride in his car. He's also been exercising his creative side. He finished up one of the characters for the nursery. So without further ado, let me present to you...
Humpty Dumpty!

Alright- so the next update will be on the purpose of this blog... the boys! Wish us luck!

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  1. Woah, Congratulations! It came up so fast!!! I can't wait to meet them :)