Friday, August 12, 2011

Baby Daddy Partay!

Let's please give a round of applause to Nishka's co-workers, who not only surprised him with an awesome baby shower, but also scared the crap out of him while doing it! High five guys!!

So yesterday I was invited into the secret world of the NRC, and got to meet all the awesome people who keep Nishka in line during the day. I was called a saint several times, and I'm almost sure I saw some people weeping in the corner over my plight.

There was cake (and awesome cherry slump -- I didn't know what that was either until yesterday!) and great food!

There were presents!

There was even a special quiz to help us name the babies, decide how soon after the babies come Nishka will play golf, and the exact percentages of diapers that Nishka will be changing.

The offical tally being calculated. I believe that Nishka will be golfing "Never again,"
and will be changing approximately less that 40% of the diapers.
But most importantly... there was golf! Because what Baby Daddy Partay is complete without golf???

Nishka, in the spirit of helping him learn how to juggle multiple "things" at once was given a special task during his round of golf.

He was supposed to golf while holding two special little packages. Let's just say that as in everything else, Nishka was creative in his solution to the problem.

All in all, Papa and the little ones had quite a day! Thanks, all you NRCers!

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