Thursday, July 28, 2011

We Are Now Edjukated...

Okay, that's it. We just finished our last in a series of classes on how to labor, deliver, breastfeed, wash, clothe, diaper, rock and medicate two screaming, but adorable babies. We were diligent in our note-taking, participation, and gathering of documents passed around. We noted the color, amount, and consistency of what baby poop is supposed to look like. We were lectured on when to call the doctor, and when to just keep our cool.

So we're ready to be parents right? (good thing all the answers are in those papers and notes, waiting to be referred to at the necessary moment)

And here's one of our beautiful babies... (drum roll please).

We're so proud!  

Yesterday marked 32 weeks... Here's another picture, but this time take a moment to prepare yourselves before you look.

Ack! I'm thinking we should suspend the whole weekly picture thing... this part might be best not remembered. (RELAX! I'm just kidding. Don't send me hate posts and e-mails threatening me if I don't take the weekly picture... I was just saying.)

We're keeping our fingers crossed that little Abingaleforth Hayes Westinghouse Sitting-Bull Devaser (affectionately referred to as "A") will stop being so stubborn like his father and turn his little head down to get ready for his hopefully uneventful trip into the world. And that little Baldemar Hoppinggale Flying-Feather Devaser (affectionately referred to as "B") will continue to cooperate and then faithfully follow his brother (maybe he could help by giving him a little push?) out to see all those anxiously awaiting them.

Will post again once we have more exciting photos news.

Hope all is well with all of you!

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