Monday, April 18, 2011

Heavy Wears the Crown

There's a little royal humor for all you Royal Wedding fanatics out there. Hope you have your TiVos in good working order, because they're gonna get a workout this coming week.

Here's just a little update on what a burden it is to be such a superstar :

1. On Friday, we had our first appointment at the new doctor's office. We really like it, though we didn't get to meet any of the doctors, because you are required to meet with a midwife on the first visit... of course, we really, really liked her. They say all looks great. The belly's already measuring 23 weeks in singleton terms... and we're only at 17 weeks... so they're a growin'! And Friday was the first time we got to hear the heartbeats! Baby B was not so cooperative, so we only go to hear Baby B's heartbeats sporadically, but we could hear him/her moving around a lot... which I didn't need the microphone to tell me :) Baby A is more like me... knows where and when to be some place. So Baby A was right in position for us to hear.

Only 1.5 weeks until the sonogram. Everyone keep their fingers crossed that the babies are feeling cooperative that day!

2. Friday also began the big moving day. We started boxing things up on Friday night, and thanks to some amazing friends who weathered pouring rains, howling winds and downed trees, we got most of our furniture moved on Saturday. Sunday was spent taking some more things, and unpacking at the new place. We only lack some car loads of kitchen goods, clothes, and odds and ends and then we'll officially be moved! Mia has warmed to her new home nicely, and already loves running up and down the steps like her tail's on fire.

Our new address is: 11897 New Country Ln, Columbia, MD 21044... so stop on by and say hello! Pics to come as soon as my camera is rescued from the sea of boxes in the basement.

3. Sunday began the big '2-7' birthday festivities. Some close friends made my favorite dinner... stewed potatoes, kraut and weenies, and veggies! Yum! It was really nice to spend some down time with great friends and good food. I plan to continue to celebrate my birthday for the next 5.789 weeks or so, so feel free to celebrate with me :)

Alrighty, well I guess that's it for now.

God save the Queen :)

Love ya!

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  1. I've had a vision that you are carrying my protege. I couldn't get it down with my 4 so it's up to you now. I'm guessing it's Bob. Ann sounds like a real bore.

    P.s. Probably best if you don't tell Nishka about my vision just yet.